The artists of our galleries are professional painters and sculptors of which several are members of famous associations (R.C.A.) (I.A.F.).

They are exceptional by their talents, paying homage to the beauty and the colors of Quebec.

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BIRD2 (New artist)
BOUDRO (New artist)
Bellemare, Pierre (New artist)
Boisvert, Marie-France
Boisvert, Normand
Champoux, Danielle
Gagné, Daniel
Horik, Stefan (New artist)
Kinn, Patrick (I.A.F.)
Landry, Hugo (New artist)
Lemire, Madeleine (R.C.A.)
Pleau, Michel (I.A.F.)
Pratte, Geneviève (New artist)
Simard, Claude A. (R.C.A.)


Barbeau, Jacques
Côté, Benoît
Favreau, Marcel
Gaudreau, Jean
Houde, Louise
Picot, Jean-Claude
Simard, Benoît(R.C.A.)
Veilleux, Joseph-Richard(R.C.A.)

And others...


Ayotte, Léo
Baldwin, Betty
Barbeau , Marcel
Beament , (Thomas) Harold (R.C.A.)
Bellefleur, Léon (R.C.A.)
Borenstein, Samuel (C.A.S.) (Q.M.G.)
Bruni, Umberto (R.C.A.)
Cantin, Roger
Casson, A.J. (R.C.A.)(Group of seven)
Cosgrove, Stanley (R.C.A.)
Côté, Bruno
Dallaire, Jean-Philippe
D'Anty, Henry
Delfosse, Georges Marie
Fielding Downes, Lionel
Ferron, Marcelle (R.C.A)
Fortin, Marc-Aurèle (R.C.A.)
Giunta, Joseph
Hébert, Adrien (R.C.A.)
Hudon, Normand (I.A.F.)
Iacurto, Francesco (R.C.A.)
Jackson, A.Y. (R.C.A.)(Group of seven)
Johnston, Frank (R.C.A.)(Group of seven)
Lebon, Maurice (I.A.F.)
LeClerc, Jeanne-D'Arc (I.A.F.)
Lecor, Paul Tex (I.A.F.)
Lemieux, Jean Paul (R.C.A.)
Le Sauteur, Claude (R.C.A.)
Letendre, Rita (R.C.A.)
Lismer, Arthur (R.C.A.)(Group of seven)
Little, John (R.C.A.)
Mauro, Mario
Masson, Henri (R.C.A.)
Picher, Claude (R.C.A.)
Pilot, Robert W.(R.C.A.)
Poirier, Narcisse
Richard, René (R.C.A.)
Riopelle, Jean-Paul (R.C.A.)
Rousseau, Albert
Soulikias, Paul (I.A.F.)
Surrey, Philip Henry Howard (R.C.A.)
Tatossian, Armand (R.C.A)
Théberge, Claude
Walker, Horatio (R.C.A.)