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We are always searching for quality Canadian paintings to purchase.

If you are interested in selling a work by any of the artists listed here, please click on the contact address at the bottom of the page and supply us with any pertinent information about the painting you may have (painter, title, size, date and condition of your piece of art).

We will then be in touch with you as soon as possible. Here are some of the artists we are interested in:

Bellefleur, Léon (R.C.A.)
Carmichael, Franklin (R.C.A.)
Coburn, Frederick S.
Casson, A.J. (R.C.A.)

Ferron, Marcelle

Fortin, Marc-Aurèle (R.C.A.)
Gagnon, Clarence A.
Harris, Lawren (R.C.A.)
Hébert, Adrien
Huot, Charles

Jackson, Alexander Y.(R.C.A.)
Johnston, Frank (R.C.A.)
Lemieux, Jean-Paul (R.C.A.)
Le Sauteur, Claude (R.C.A.)
Lismer, Arthur  (R.C.A.)
Little, John  (R.C.A.)  
MacDonald, J.E.H. (R.C.A.)
Pilot, Robert
Richard, René (R.C.A.)
Riopelle, Jean-Paul (R.C.A.)
Simard, Claude A. (R.C.A.)
Suzor Côté, Marc-Aurèle de Foy (R.C.A.)
Thomson, Tom (R.C.A.)
Varley, Frederick (R.C.A.)

and others...

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